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Available through Salt Spring Coffee's online store: Click here to purchase

Salt Spring Coffee is celebrating its commitment to a sustainable, healthy planet by fundraising for Canopy.

The fundraiser, named after Salt Spring Coffee's Canopy Bird coffee blend, got its name from the close, interdependent relationship between canopy forests, migratory birds and coffee farming. Each year, these canopy birds return to the tropics from North America to nest in the canopies of tropical shade forests, right above where the arabica coffee plants grow.

In conserving forests and celebrating the effect they have on all of our lives, our Canopy Bird campaign goes past the basic fundraiser to inspire your day to day life to be conscious of our daily habits’ impact on the planet. Sounds intimidating? Don’t you worry. Salt Spring Coffee has created a 21 Day Challenge filled with simple, fun and uplifting steps you can take to live a life that’s easy on the birds (and your wallet, heart and family!).

We invite you buy some coffee , visit ,, use #canopybird, and take the 21-day action challenge…. and by all means spread the word.

Available through Salt Spring Coffee's online store. Click here to purchase

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